Project of Farm - Orphanage - Ayurveda Centre - Ashram in India


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This project was born from the desire to create a place that would be a craddle of Beauty, Goodness and Truth allied together.

India with its great spiritual tradition and its needs for help to the most destitute people has appeared as the ideal place of installation for this project. This project is made of 4 levels that interact and complement one another




An Agricultural Land to feed people on levels 1, 2 and 3 with healthy food, organically grown if possible. In case of surplus it can be sold on the marketplace of villages nearby. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, recommends us to eat produce coming from the very region in which we live. The presence of an experienced farmer will be necessary for the implanting of cultures.

An Orphanage where a number of abandoned streetchildren will be received and housed in small homes by groups of 6 or 7. They will be raised by foster mothers who are destitute women (mostly widows, or lonely women, as the latter often need help). These women will be chosen according to their qualities of responsibility, activity, kindness and love, so that children may grow in small warm homes where they can individually receive all the love and attention they deserve for their physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual growth.

Gradually, a sort of school will be set up for the youngest ones, giving them the basic skills for reading, writing and calculation; the most learned mothers may play the role of schoolmasters at the beginning.

An Ayurvedic Clinic permitting to give medical care to the children and to people of the area if they wish, but also to receive people from other countries. The latter will go there to receive regeneration cures and all the specific Ayurveda treatments.

These international travellers will be housed in rooms or in small appartments so that they can become completely immersed in this place which, as the Ayurveda tradition recommends for healing places, will be a place of beauty, purity and harmony, a place where nature is very present.

A Centre for Yoga and Meditation so that, to comply with the Ayurveda tradition, healing of the body be accompanied with renewal of the soul and awakening of the spirit. Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, etc., will be taught by qualified people, along with every technique for the beings' renewal and regeneration. A library and a place to listen to music will be available, along with computer equipment allowing to communicate with the whole world through the Internet.


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