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Course open to men and women

What is the deeper meaning of our lives, and how to access the ultimate and sacred presence that holds our body beyond its transitional appearance?

The answer to this question can’t be formulated in words, at least not only with words, the answer must be lived.

Our body is the temple of our minds, and when we discover our bodies from the inside, we also discover all our vehicles, our subtle body, our light body. ...

The society, through all the publicities, boasts the merits of  standardized and stereotyped appearences created for seduction and selling, and gradually  we loose confidence in our own bodies and in consequence we loose confidence in ourselves.

Unable to meet such criteria of slimness and eternal youth, we become insidiously convinced that to be worthy to live and be loved we should conform to the dictates imposed by the magazine’s standards.

That our bodies become a source of shame or a source of pride (if by chance we are able to be consistent with  the criteria in place), both ways we judge ourselves according to the assessment from the outside world and gradually we are moving away from its sensitivity, its interiority and its real capacities ...

Would it not be time now to abandon this obsession with appearance and return to the being, to reach a different approach to the body and the divine energy it contains, secret source of any sustainable beauty  and happiness?

By introducing certain  techniques from ancient India, China and Thailand which maintained the strong bond uniting the mind, the soul and the body, this course offers you to explore your body and thereby to discover the mysteries of the soul and spirit that persist after the disappearance of the physical body.






The mornings will be devoted to the study of the purification of our bodies, to study theoretical and practical basis of certain old traditions such as Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra in India, Chi Nei Tsang (internal massage bodies) and Karsai Nei Tsang (related to the smooth flow of vital energy) in China, massage Nuad Bo 'Rarn (Thai massage on the sen lines, energy channels) in Thailand, etc.. In passed times, the wise beings had retained the sacred knowledge of the powerful link existing between the body the soul and the spirit. Circulating energy in the subtle channels of our body gives us access to the emotions buried in our cells because they retain the memory of what we experienced since our childhood and even before our birth…In this way, our bodies become aware bodies.



The afternoon will be devoted to exploring the possibilities of purifying our psyche, processing of emotional patterns and negative conditioning installed in ourselves. .  It's possible to program our neurons in a different manner and to change our destructive behaviors. The discoveries of quantum physics makes us face our responsibilities: we are not victims of the events of our lives, we call them and thus we create our own reality. We can change and thus free us from the yoke that oppresses us, but we must find the right tools fitting for this transformation. The imagination of what we could do if we were free from our fears, our limiting beliefs and our day after day perpetuated helplessness, permit  us to cross all boundaries of the impossible. Let us live our dreams and fulfill our destiny.



For people who want it, the evenings will be devoted to the elevation of our minds and to the discovering of  our capacity to access a more cosmic consciousness. There will be an outreach to the study of our subtle vehicles (etheric, astral, mental, causal, monad) and an introduction to reading the book "The Intra-Universal Unitary Science", a book about the laws governing the passage between the materialized formalized outer universes, in which we operate for the moment, and the intra universe, inner Unity, uncreated, immortal, invisible source from which are coming all visible created forms (various names have been given in the traditions, the cosmic egg of Brahma in India, the great Wu Chi in China, « God » in the West. but always, beyond the traditions and religions, the primordial source).


This course can take different forms, it can be done in a series of several weekends during the year or in a very concentrated way, during 5 days.

Meals are vegetarian, ayurvedic, and adapted to prakruti (constitution) of each person, the accommodation is on site so that we can stay together.




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Course for women only

This course is designed as an initiatory journey which allow the woman to travel from the bottom of her condensation force till she reaches  her most subtle and divine inner energy..

To discover her essence a woman should dare to take a risk, the risk to leave her fears, limitations, her heavy old bag, to go towards the beauty of her future.

What is small inside of us and can’t evolve when we remain alone, what keeps us in fear and prevents us from flying, becomes able to evolve as we get regrouped. A invisible suprapersonal being  is then created, composed by a little bit of the best of each woman. This dimension of cosmic mother surpotentialise the participants and creates an accelerating  process of energies’s transmutation, generating profound transformations.


This course is structured in 3 levels. Such as the flowers, we have different levels of transformation of our inner energy:

- In the roots, the past ...

(The part of us living underground - in the past – our body power - the karmic liabilities of all women having already existed, the ones that we have been once ?- extracting a quintessence of our power out of the collective karma)

- In the stems, this present time ...

(The part of us which lives in broad daylight - in this present time – The physical body - the passage from the woman to the soul – The circulation of the energies inside  this physical body which is only a small link inside a long line of vehicles between the earth energies and cosmic energy)

- In flowers and fruits, the future ...

(The part of us living in the sky - in the future - our subtle and  energetic vehicles,  our sister of light, our brother of light, our spiritual father - the passage from the soul to the being - the elevation of the quintessence from our soul towards spirit)

Each of these sessions include theoretical and practical instruction. The essential is created beyond words, in the field of pure energy that we deploy together so that the lake finally quiet from our souls become able to reflect the divine spirit.

These courses can be programmed in various countries according to demand, in a second time, other courses are available, these are just a proposal to enter into the current of a river.