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Indian Ayurvedic Massage and Ayurvedic counceling

Malaysian – Thaï Massage

Chinese Massage Chi Nei Tsang

Balinese Massage



- Abhyanga, traditional Indian Ayurvedic massage

Ayurveda medical system is the oldest in the world that exists in India since 5000 years, the massages are used as basic therapy.

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Full body massage which is done with warm oils, this massage is a holistic approach that addresses not only the body but to the soul and spirit too. Oils (sesame, coconut, mustard, olive, almond, etc..) Are chosen according to the constitution "Prakruti" of the patient: Vata (air and ether), pitta (fire), Kapha (water and earth), but also according to season and age of the person.

The stimulation of certain "Marma" points (107 vital points) has an effect on the chakras (the 7 major energy centers located along the spine) and the flow of prana (vital energy) is increasing throughout the body. This massage strengthens muscles and nourishes the body tissues, it increases blood circulation and helps speed up the lymphatic system that absorbs and eliminates many toxins. The millions of pores are cleaned and it helps indirectly the action of lungs, colon and kidneys. Abhyanga restores vitality and helps to feel young, beautiful and healthy.

Other Ayurvedic treatments can also be provided, for exemple Shirodhara (a special neck, face and head massage followed by a pouring of warm oil for 20 to 30 minutes on the Marma Stapani, rebalancing the emotions and the nervous system. Miscellaneous "Basti" can also be given on specific Marma points as Udara basti on the navel, Ruda Basti on the heart and Kati Basti on the sacrum.

Ayurvedic medicine heals not only with massage, herbs, plants, food, yoga and meditation, but also through "Panchakarma" seasonal purifying techniques specific to each "prakruti" and a profound change of lifestyle.


- Traditional Thai Massage: Nuad Boran


Combining gentle rocking, deep stretching and compression of muscles, tendons, ligaments and of the spine. Performed on a floor mat, Thai massage releases muscle tension, improves flexibility, strengthens the immune system, stimulates the circulation of the blood and of the pranic energy in the body and restor energy balance of the person being massaged. Client and practitioner are both dressed in clothes that allow flexibility of movement. No oils or creams are used.


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-  Chinese Taoïst Massage Chi Nei Tsang


Since thousands of years the Chi Nei Tsang, traditional Chinese massage operates mainly on the abdominal region which is considered as our second brain, in this place all nervous and emotional tension are registered. Our stomach is where we store all the trauma and conscious or unconscious stress that we have failed to eliminate. By simple manipulations we break the physical and energetic resistance that were accumulated sometimes since our birth. The center of the navel permit to reach vascular, muscular, nervous and lymphatic systems of the body. The practitioner works with the Chi (pure energy flowing in the universe and through our bodies) and drives out the "cold and perverse winds "(unwanted energy trapped in the body) which sooner or later we create illness if we fail to evacuate them. The practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang has to teach the client how to give himself a daily auto-massage to optimize the flow of energy in his belly and thus, consequently, in his physical, emotional and spiritual bodies .



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Claudine and the Chinese Master Mantak Chia who taught her the art of the Chi Nei Tsang



- Balinese massage


It is a very slow full body relaxing massage, which follow the principles of the chi flow and of the activation of  acupressure points. It frees any particular back muscle tension and deeply relaxes the person who often enters a meditative state.


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